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Public baccalaureate schools

Public baccalaureate schools
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The Canton of Zug has two baccalaureate schools (Kantonsschule) which entitle graduates to enter university. The baccalaureate certificate (Maturitätsausweis) is recognised throughout Switzerland. Holders are entitled to study at a university, an ETH, a university of applied sciences (after internship) or a teacher training college (Pädagogische Hochschule).

There is also a specialised upper secondary school (Fachmittelschule) and an upper secondary business school (Wirtschaftsmittelschule) in the Canton of Zug. Upper Secondary Specialised School Certificate entitles the holder to attend a college of higher education. The specialised baccalaureate entitles the holder to study at a university of teacher education or a university of applied sciences. The vocational baccalaureate entitles the holder to study at a university of applied sciences. With the transition (Passerelle), a supplementary examination, the specialised baccalaureate or the vocational baccalaureate also entitles the holder to study at a university or a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Preparation for the supplementary examination is voluntary. It can be done autodidactically or within the framework of preparatory courses, usually lasting two semesters.

Information AMH:
Kantonsschule Zug KSZ
Kantonsschule Menzingen KSM
Fachmittelschule FMS
Wirtschaftsmittelschule WMS

Cantonal baccalaureate schools
Cantonal baccalaureate school Zug (Kantonsschule Zug, KSZ)
Cantonal baccalaureate school Menzingen (Kantonsschule Menzingen, KSM)

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