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Bridge year programmes

Bridge year programmes

Schools at lower secondary level (Sekundarstufe I) prepare students for the transition from compulsory schooling either to vocational education  and training (link leads to German site) or to a higher school of general education (link leads to German site). Seamless transition is not always possible, which is why the canton offers bridge year programmes.

School bridge year programme (S-B-A)

In the school bridge year programme (Schulisches Brückenangebot), adolescents are provided with education and support in a school environment. The programme is aimed at those who are motivated and willing to learn, and who have realistic ideas about their professional future but have not yet been able to realise them, as well as for young people who are still in the process of choosing their professional track.

Combined bridge year programme (K-B-A)

In the combined bridge year programme (Kombiniertes Brückenangebot), adolescents are provided education and support in an occupational environment. They undergo practical training at a firm or institution for three days a week and go to school for general education and lessons preparing them for the working world for two days a week..

Integrational bridge year programme (I-B-A)

The integrational bridge year programme (Integrations-Brückenangebot) is aimed at adolescents who can’t or can hardly speak German. Lessons in German as a second language and mathematics, as well as support in choosing a profession and in the integration process in Switzerland help prepare students for vocational education and training or for another form of further education.

Internet (in German) Phone
Amt für Brückenangebote 041 728 24 84
Schulisches Brückenangebot S-B-A 041 728 24 24
Kombiniertes Brückenangebot K-B-A 041 728 24 94
Integrations-Brückenangebot I-B-A 041 766 03 70

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