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Kindergarten level Zug
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Kindergarten and lower grade (Year 1 and 2 of the primary school) are called «Zyklus 1».

The kindergarten broadens children's experiences and furthers their abilities. The kindergarten teachers work according to a set curriculum.

All municipalities in the Canton of Zug offer two years of kindergarten. The kindergarten year before compulsory kindergarten is voluntary.

School entry
Children must attend the compulsory kindergarten year before entering Year 1 of the primary school. Entry to the compulsory kindergarten is designated as school entry. The following age limits apply for this school entry: Children who turn five by the end of February are obliged to attend kindergarten in the upcoming school year. Children who turn five by the end of May have the right to attend the compulsory kindergarten in the upcoming school year.

The school principal may permit a child to enter school earlier or later on application. The decision is based on an application by the parents and consultation with the parents and the kindergarten teacher.

Class time, block times
The timetables of the compulsory kindergarten are organised in such a way that the children have at least four mornings of lessons lasting a minimum of three hours (excl. drop-off time).

The lesson times at the voluntary kindergarten are determined by the municipality.

Early remedial education
Early remedial education is part of the special school programme. It is intended for children who are significantly behind during their initial years in terms of their physical, emotional, social, language or cognitive development, or who are disabled.

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