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Primary school

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The primary school comprises six yearly courses and is organised into:

• Lower grade (Year 1 and 2): Zyklus 1
• Middle grade I/II (Year 3-6): Zyklus 2

Acceptance into Year 1
Children who have attended the compulsory kindergarten usually enter Year 1 of the primary school (link leads to German site).

Mainstream class
Children usually attend lessons in the mainstream class.

Class time, block times
In all the municipal schools, the lessons (link leads to German site) run from Monday to Friday. There are no classes on Wednesday afternoons. In special cases, the school commission may permit exceptions for Wednesday afternoon.

All primary school pupils must attend at least 4 consecutive lessons every morning (block time).

Transfer after Year 6
The transfer after the 6th primary school class (link leads to German site) to classes with additional support needs (Werkschule), intermediate secondary school (Realschule), secondary school (Sekundarschule) or the lower grades of the baccalaureate schools (Langzeitgymnasium) is not subject to an entrance test. The allocation decision is made after discussions between the teacher, the parents and the child.

The results of outer-cantonal allocation procedures are recognised.

The brochure entitled "Übertrittsverfahren Primarstufe-Sekundarstufe I" (link leads to German site) contains information on the procedural steps and the assessment criteria. It can be obtained from the Year 5 and Year 6 teachers.

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