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School services

School services
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The services outlined below are free of charge.

School psychology services: The cantonal school psychology service (Kantonaler Schulpsychologischer Dienst SPD) advises teachers, school officials and parents in school and education related matters. In school related matters, it is usually the teacher who refers students to the school psychology service via the principal’s office and in consultation with the parents. Parents may also directly contact the school psychology service.

Internet (link leads to German site)      Phone 041 723 68 40


Speech and language therapy: Speech and language therapy measures are aimed at children and adolescents whose language communication skills are impaired or delayed to such an extent that their personal, social and academic development is threatened as a consequence. The skills in question include both spoken and written language. 

The speech and language therapy service (Logopädischer Dienst) is responsible for prevention, identification, diagnosis, advisory services and therapy.

Application for a logopaedic evaluation requires the consent of the parents concerned and can be made by

-       the parents themselves,
-       the cantonal therapeutic education service (Kantonaler Heilpädagogischer Dienst),
-       the cantonal school psychology service,
-       the form teacher responsible after consultation with the school’s therapeutic education specialist,
-       the physician or dentist responsible.

 Internet (link leads to German site)


Psychomotor therapy: Psychomotor therapy is aimed at kindergarten and school children as well as adolescents who are impaired in their motor skills and/or their relational skills to such an extent that their personal, motor, graphomotor and academic development is threatened as a consequence.   

Application for psychomotor therapy is effected, in consultation with the parents, by a physician, school psychologist or the cantonal outpatient psychiatric service for children and adolescents. Responsibility for prevention, diagnosis, advisory services and therapy lie with the cantonal psychomotor therapy service (Psychomotorischer Dienst).

For further information contact the principal’s office at public schools.

Internet (link leads to German site)

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