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Additional support needs

Special needs schooling
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Additional support needs
Additional Support needs education is one of the responsibilities of the municipal schools. The municipalities ensure that children who are only partly school-ready, learning-disabled or have behavioural problems, and children with insufficient knowledge of German, as well as children with a specific talent receive particular support. Municipalities have the possibility of setting up small classes, in cooperation with other municipalities if need be.

Integrative forms of schooling
Students with learning, performance or behavioural problems are supported together with students of normal ability and particularly talented students in mainstream lessons. A remedial education teacher provides added support in the lessons. In the integrative lessons, the learning requirements are organised in such a way that the different learning and support needs of the students are met, enabling them to learn successfully. Differentiated teaching and learning forms are used.

Separate schooling forms
Children who are only partly ready for school and children of normal ability who are behind in their development complete the Year 1 material in two school years in a small class so as to manage the transition into Year 2 more easily. Those requiring particular educational support can be taught separately in small classes providing such support.

Children with insufficient knowledge of German
Children with insufficient knowledge of German attend lessons in German as a second language (Deutsch als Zweitsprache, DaZ) in addition to the mainstream lessons. In the beginner-level DaZ lessons or post-beginner DaZ lessons, the students are supported integratively or separately, with the goal of making them increasingly capable of following lessons in the mainstream class. For students who have just moved to the area, DaZ classes may be run in the first year.

Classes with additional support needs (Werkschule)
Small classes providing special support at secondary school level I are known as classes with additional support needs.

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