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Special needs education

Special needs education
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Special needs education during compulsory school years
Providing special needs education is an integral part of the public education mandate. Special needs education is understood to mean the application of specialised educational methods and means to meet the requirements of children or adolescents with a handicap or other limitations. Special needs education can be carried out in an integrated or separate form. It also comprises early childhood therapeutic education.

A special needs school admits only children and adolescents with a proven need for extra measures.


The Canton of Zug has concluded service agreements with municipal and cantonal school service providers to ensure that the special education measures required during the compulsory school years are available. Children and adolescents (in well-founded cases up to age 20) who are handicapped or require special supportive measures, and whose requirements cannot be adequately met with the integrative or separate special education measures on offer at the public schools, are entitled to special needs schooling.   

The school psychology service (link leads to German site) (Schulpsychologischer Dienst, SPD) is the cantonal office responsible for the evaluation procedures and the overall assessment in connection with all forms of handicap or disability.

Early childhood therapeutic education
Early childhood therapeutic education (Heilpädagogische Früherziehung) is provided by the Heilpädagogische Dienst Zug (link leads to German site) (HPD Zug). The measures on offer comprise therapeutic evaluation and support of pre-school-age children and, in well-founded cases, also of kindergarten-age children, as well as advice and support for parents. The range of services also includes speech and language therapy (logopaedics) and psychomotor therapy. In order to provide these services, HPD Zug collaborates with the specialists concerned.

Not included in the HPD Zug’s range of services are early educational measures for children with visual or hearing impairment. Measures in these fields are offered by specialised early education services of the special needs education centres (Sonderpädagogische Zentren) in Sonnenberg, Baar (link leads to German site) and Hohenrain LU (link leads to German site) .


The Canton of Zug has concluded a service agreement with the Heilpädagogischer Dienst Zug (HPD Zug) to ensure the provision of early childhood therapeutic education. Such therapeutic education is aimed at children whose physical, emotional, social, linguistic or cognitive development is substantially threatened or impaired. Early childhood therapeutic education measures can be called on for children from birth to the onset of voluntary kindergarten age. In well-founded cases, they can be continued during the voluntary and the compulsory kindergarten years.


Information on evaluation procedures and special needs education services:

Internet (link leads to German site)Phone

Abteilung Sonderpädagogik
(Amt für gemeindliche Schulen)

041 728 31 54

A list of special needs schools in the Canton of Zug shows all schools of this kind with which the Canton has concluded a service agreement.

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