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Upper Secondary Business School Zug (Wirtschaftsmittelschule, WMS)

Upper Secondary Business School WMS

The Upper Secondary Business School Zug (Wirtschaftsmittelschule, WMS) at the Kantonsschule Zug is a full-time school that takes students in three years of tuition plus one year of internship to the federal VET (vocational education and training) diploma and the professional baccalaureate in economics. The latter provides access to any Swiss university of applied sciences without further exams or entry restrictions.

Students receive a thorough education in Modern Languages, Economy and Law, IT and general knowledge subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences, History, Geography and Biology.

Tuition is based on the BYOD (bring your own device) principle, i.e. students always have their laptops with them, both as a means of learning and working. Using computers in different fields of learning prepares the students for the digital reality in the world of work and studies after school.

During the three years of tuition at school, there are a lot of practical elements and tasks aimed at enhancing the students' abilities at problem solving. A four-week language stay in France and a short internship at the end of year two serve to improve language skills, professional experience as well as both social and person skills. The WMS Zug offers the option of completing a bilingual professional baccalaureate in economics (German/English).

The Federal VET diploma enables direct entry into a profession without further training. The vocational baccalaureate certificate enables students to study at a university of applied sciences in the field of business without having to take an examination; other fields of study can also be taken up. Via Passerelle, students can also study at the university or ETH. (Further information on study opportunities must be obtained from the respective universities of applied sciences).

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Wirtschaftsmittelschule WMS 041 728 12 12

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