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Kantonsschule Menzingen KSM admission


Conditions of admission

KSM Six-year course

  • A student in a 6th primary school class in canton Zug is admitted to the first class of the KSM six-year course without having to pass an entrance exam if recommended by both the class teacher and the parents.
  • The transfer from another Swiss public Gymnasium1) depends on the level of achievement of the student at that school.
  • The transfer from a Swiss private Gymnasium, a school abroad or any other baccalaureate school is subject to an individual admission procedure.

KSM Four-year course

  • A student from a 2nd or 3rd secondary school class wishing to take the four-year Matura2) course and who has chosen the special-focus subject English, Spanish, art, music, biology and chemistry, physics and applied mathematics or economics and law may register at the Kantonsschule Menzingen KSM.
  • The class teacher of the 2nd or 3rd secondary school student needs to ascertain together with the parents or guardians that the student has the ability, the interest and the potential to meet the demands of the four-year course of the KSM. The class teacher needs to take into account the assessment of the student by the other teachers.
  • Once an agreement has been made between the class teacher and the parents or guardians, the signed form of recommendation together with the registration form should be sent to the KSM.
  • In the case of a non-agreement between the class teacher and the parents or guardians, the student can be registered for an evaluation test, on the condition that the student has reached the required level of achievement.
  • The transfer commission II will then make a final decision based on the results of the evaluation test.
  • Registration deadline: 20th March

Baccalaureate School
2) A-levels / Baccalaureate

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