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«Nightingale» - Evaluation

Nightingale Project – Evaluation

Optimization of the project to obtain a even greater benefit for mentors and mentees

Mentors and Mentees playing in the gym.
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Nightingale is an international mentoring and integration project in which a university student is paired with a child mentee. The mentor and mentee meet once a week over a period of eight months and do activities together in their spare time. The main purpose of Nightingale is to contribute to cross-cultural understanding and intercultural learning. This evaluation focuses on the Nightingale scheme at PH Zug. Its aim was to identify how the Nightingale scheme at PH Zug could be optimised. It tackled the questions of how to obtain a greater benefit for both mentors and mentees, and what kind of additional support could be useful to address challenges and difficulties for the participating mentors. A methodological approach was adopted. In-depth interviews were carried out with the mentors both at the beginning and some months after the formal end of the project.

The evaluation showed that the 1:1 setting (one mentor with one child) is unique and very valuable for the mentors. The mentors explained the importance of this learning setting with reference to the exclusive focus on the child and its development in an extracurricular context. The data showed that the mentors intended to achieve very different goals with their mentees, but that they did not apply any strategy to achieve these goals and were unsure of their roles as mentors. With structured and supported reflections before, during and after the project – both in the group and individually – those difficulties can be tackled to obtain an even greater benefit for the mentors.

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