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«Nightingale» - Impact Analysis

«Nightingale» - Impact Analysis

Focus on teaching-specific learning processes

Mentors and Mentees playing the «chocolate game».
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«Nightingale» is an international mentoring and integration project in which a university student is paired with a child mentee. The mentor and mentee meet once a week over a period of eight months and do activities together in their spare time. The main purpose of Nightingale is to contribute to cross-cultural understanding and intercultural learning. Since 2009, Nightingale has been available as part of teacher education at the University of Teacher Education Zug (PH Zug).

This study focuses on the teaching-specific learning processes of Nightingale. It tackled the question which teaching-specific competences and attitudes the mentors could develop, and how the learning experiences differ from the regular settings of teacher education programmes. A qualitative approach was adopted. In-depth interviews were carried out with the mentors both at the beginning and some months after the formal end of the project. Additionally, the student's perception on a hypothetical dilemma situation was assessed.
The results show that participating in Nightingale has great potential to develop the mentors' teaching-specific competences. However, participating in the mentoring programme does not automatically lead to a specific benefit. Consequently teacher education needs to specify the learning opportunities and to guide reflections before, during and after the project. Nightingale needs to be more clearly embedded in the teacher education programme.

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