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Covid Certificate (in English)

Covid Certificate (in English)


The uniform Covid certificate allows individuals to document their Corona vaccinations, diseases they have experienced and negative test results. The certificates contain information in readable form as well as tamper-proof in a QR code. The certificates can be used in printed form, as a PDF or in a free retention app.

All other information about the certificate can be found here.

Certificate for vaccinated persons

Vaccinated individuals who have already received both doses of vaccine by June 20 will be contacted by text message or, in exceptional cases, by letter by the end of June to inform them how to receive their certificate. Individuals who have not received a message by June 28, 2021, are asked to fill out this online form.

In addition, since June 21, certificates will be given immediately on site (vaccination center in Baar, pharmacy or doctor's office) after the second vaccination.

Persons who have recovered from a Covid disease will receive the certificate after the first vaccination. They must bring a confirmation of their Covid disease to the vaccination appointment. The following documents are considered accepted confirmation:

  • Proof of Covid-19 disease by a laboratory (PCR test, rapid antigen test or antibody test)
  • Letter from the canton confirming the release from isolation
  • Doctor's certificate

If you have been vaccinated abroad, then you can apply for a Swiss Covid certificate if you were vaccinated abroad with a vaccine that is approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). These are the following vaccines:

  • Comirnaty® / BNT162b2 / Tozinameran (Pfizer/BioNTech).
  • Spikevax® / mRNA-1273 / COVID-19 vaccine (Moderna)
  • Vaxzevria® / AZD1222 / Covishield™ (AstraZeneca)
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

The prerequisite for this is that you live in Switzerland, are staying in Switzerland or intend to enter Switzerland. You must be able to provide sufficient proof of the vaccination carried out abroad and of your stay in Switzerland, and you must be able to identify yourself.

You can also apply for a Swiss Covid certificate if you were vaccinated abroad with a vaccine that is on the "WHO Emergency Use List" and has not been approved by Swissmedic or the European Medicines Agency (EMA). These are the following vaccines:

  • SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (Vero Cell) (Sinopharm / BIBP).
  • CoronaVac (Sinovac)

A Swiss Covid certificate will only be issued for these vaccines under the following conditions:

  • You must submit the application in person so that the information can be verified on site.
  • You must belong to a certain group of people. The list for this can be found in the Covid 19 Regulation Certificates in Section 4 under Article 13(2ter) or on the federal website.

No Covid certificate can currently be issued for vaccination with the Sputnik V vaccine.

Certificate for recovered persons

Recovered persons must fill in the form of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). After that you will receive the certificate by letter within one week. Persons are considered recovered if they have received a positive PCR test.

If you have recovered from Covid 19 disease but do not have a PCR test result (e.g., because only a rapid antigen test was done), you cannot apply for a Covid certificate for recovered persons. In this case, we recommend that you get vaccinated to obtain the certificate. You can apply for vaccination at

If you receive an error message when filling out this form, please contact the Canton of Zug via the online form.

Certificate for tested persons

Tested persons will also receive their certificate from June 21 after a negative test result. For this purpose, it must be explicitly stated before the test is carried out that a certificate is desired. For PCR tests, this can be delivered automatically in the "Covid Certificate" app; for rapid antigen tests, the certificate will be issued at the test site. No Covid certificate will be issued for self-tests.

Validity period of the certificate

The validity period of the Covid certificate differs for vaccinated, recovered and tested individuals:

For vaccinated persons

365 days from the date of administration of the last vaccination dose.

For recovered persons

The certificate is valid from the 11th day after the positive test result and lasts for 180 days from the date of the test result

For negatively tested persons

For a PCR test, 72 hours from the time the specimen was collected.

For a rapid antigen test: 48 hours from the time of sample collection.

Due to new scientific findings, the validity period may be adjusted by the federal government. In this case, the existing certificate is automatically extended and no new certificate needs to be ordered.

Download the Covid Certificate app

The "COVID Certificate" app is available for download free of charge for iOS and Android. With the "COVID Certificate" app, you can scan the QR code on the Covid certificate with your camera and save it on your mobile device. In doing so, there is no storage of your data in a central system.

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