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4 Commercial & residential real estate

4 Commercial and residential real estate
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Key areas
Neuhof (Baar), Papieri (Cham), Spinnerei (Baar), Suurstoffi (Rotkreuz), Städtler Allmend (Cham), Unterfeld Süd (Baar), Tech Cluster Zug

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Commercial real estate
The platform Newhome lists vacant office, business, production and warehouse space. We will be happy to assist you in finding suitable office and commercial space.

Purchase of property by non-Swiss citiziens
Self-occupied apartments or houses can be acquired without a permit and do not have to be resold even if the foreigner moves abroad. For more information please see Lex Koller.

Residential real estate
The increased demand for housing is currently being partially met with the construction of new housing developments and conversions of commercial space into residential space.
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