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Excellent conditions for everyone in the Canton of Zug

Advantages of Zug
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«The unique ‹Spirit of Zug› is based on the exemplary customer proximity, solution- oriented pragmatism, short distances, and professionalism. This very spirit helps the existing companies tremendously. Furthermore, the Canton of Zug is a perfect location for start-ups and innovative ideas.»
Andreas Umbach, President & CEO Landis+Gyr

Countless independent ratings and studies affirm the Canton of Zug’s popularity as a unique area for business and living. Distances within the canton are short, and its authorities enjoy an excellent reputation for their support and efficiency. Its economic success is based on a distinctive long-term development strategy. The economic area of Zug has a large pool of highly qualified talents and is a magnet for international professionals. Undeniably, there are many reasons for Zug’s popularity.

- Decisive factors for the choice of a location
- Zug is business-freindly
- Zug provides highly qualified specialists
- Zug stands for long-term stability
- Zug offers outstanding quality of life

The Canton of Zug provides excellent conditions for everyone! With a dense network of services, suppliers and private support organizations, a unique mix of local and international companies, ample investment in education and culture, attractive tax levels for legal entities and individuals, and the availability of both an efficient infrastructure and a fascinating living environment, the Canton of Zug offers an optimal overall package.



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