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Animal health

Animal health

General information on animal health
Health is a central element of animal wellbeing. Only healthy animals, feeling well, bring the desired achievements in the production. Farmers are doing their best to make sure the animals are doing well.

The input of antibiotics in animals is limited to the essentials. Especially from the point of view of animal welfare, however, it is completely unnecessary to use antibiotics. Why and how it was treated is recorded in writing for each animal.

Animal health at the Chamau
The Chamau plant has taken precautions with the construction of the cattle shed so that the cows feel well. Cows feel most comfortable at 5-10 ° C outside temperature. With increasing summer heat, the animals suffer from heat stress.

The pigs have access to fresh air at any time on the Chamau farm. In the stable, the optimum temperature is between 18-24 ° C.

Important external factors to make the animals feel comfortable:
- A lot of light
- Lots of fresh air
- Low temperatures

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