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The Department of Economic Affairs (Volkswirtschaftsdirektion)
The Department of Economic Affairs is the first point of contact for issues relating to the economy and labour. It is also responsible for public transport, agriculture, professional training, social insurance and all contacts outside the canton.

The Department of Education and Culture (Direktion für Bildung und Kultur)
The Department of Education and Culture provides the framework conditions for both cantonal and municipal schools. It provides grants and offers advice on the choice of careers and courses for both young people and adults. The promotion of sport and culture also comes under its remit.

The Department of Finance (Finanzdirektion)
The Department of Finance is responsible for the canton's finance and accounting as well as for tax matters. Two of its core areas are the reponsibility for the personnel and IT of the cantonal administration.

The Department of the Interior (Direktion des Innern)
The Department of the Interior is responsible for a wide range of areas. It is the supervisory body for elections and referenda, for matters relatng to civil status and citizenship, issues relating to the individual municipalities, surveying, the land register and notary offices. Furthermore, the department is responsible for social matters, guardianship, the protection of children and adults, the preservation of sites of historic interest and archaeology, not to mention matters pertaining to forestry, fishing and hunting.

The Department of Planning (Baudirektion)
The Department of Planning is responsible for civil engineering, urban planning, protection of the environment and matters pertaining to energy.

The Department of Public Health (Gesundheitsdirektion)
The Department of Public Health is responsible for hospitals, the promotion of health and prevention of disease, the testing of therapeutic products, food safety and veterinary matters.

The Department of Security (Sicherheitsdirektion)
The Department of Security is responsible for the police, the fire brigade and the penal system. In addition, it is responsible for traffic, weights and measures and the immigration office.






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