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Civil Law

Civil Law

Offices of Justices of the Peace (Friedensrichter)
The Office of the Justice of the Peace is the appropriate arbitration authority and as such it is the first place to which one should address oneself in cases of civil law disputes. However, exceptions pertain to labour law, tenancy law, leasing laws, debt collection and bankruptcy as well as family law.

For further information, go to Friedensrichteramt - German

Arbitration Office with Respect to Labour Law (Schlichtungsbehörde Arbeitsrecht)
In the case of arbitration procedures emanating from disputes relating to labour law as set out in Swiss Code of Obligations, the Arbitration Office with respect to labour law is responsible throughout the whole canton.

For further information, go to Schlichtungsbehörde Arbeitsrecht - German

Arbitration Office with Respect to Tenancy and Leasing Laws (Schlichtungsbehörde Miet- und Pachtrecht)
The Arbitration Office with respect to tenancy and leasing laws is responsible for disputes relating to tenancy and leasing of residential and business premises.

For further information, go to Schlichtungsbehörde Miet- und Pachtrecht - German

Debt Recovery Offices (Betreibungsamt)
The debt recovery offices are responsible for the recovery of outstanding financial claims. They carry out debt recovery, holding of goods and seizures of property. They also issue extracts from the registry of default summonses. These are needed, for example, by landords as a proof of ability to pay in the case of propective tenants. In the Canton of Zug each municipality has its own debt recovery office.

For further information, go to Betreibungsamt - German

Bankruptcy Office (Konkursamt)
Bankruptcy leads to the enforced liquidation of the debtor's assets. The Bankruptcy Office conducts the procedure by examining the reported demands, securing the available assets, liquidating the assets and distribiuting the resulting proceeds to the legally proved creditors.

For further information, go to Konkursamt - German

Cantonal Court (Kantonsgericht)
In the case of unsuccessful arbitration, or where by law there is no arbitration service, then it is the Cantonal Court which decides matters of civil law at the first level of jurisdiction.

For further information, go to Kantonsgericht - German

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