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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Department of Public Prosecution (Staatsanwaltschaft)
The Department of Public Prosecution is the penal investigative authority and prosecuting body. Furthermore it is responsible for persuing international requests for judicial assistance in criminal cases.

For further details, go to Staatsanwaltschaft - German

Criminal Court (Strafgericht)
The Criminal Court makes judgement at the first level of jurisdiction in all criminal cases for which another judicial service is not responsible. The Criminal Court judges also act as individual judges empowered to sentence criminals up to two years' imprisonment and also to impose mandatory sanctions.

For further details, go to Strafgericht - German

Supreme Court (Obergericht)
The highest legal authority in the canton with regard to civil and criminal cases is the Supreme Court. It is called upon in cases where one party raises a legal objection to the ruling of the Cantonal Court or the Criminal Court.

For further information, go to Obergericht - German

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