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Special Permits for Qualified Staff

Special Permits for Qualified Staff

For detailed information please follow the link to Individuals/Immigration.

Nationals of non-EU/EFTA states remain subject to the Foreign Nationals’ Residence and Settlement Act and its regulatory statutes and in particular the Ordinance on the Limitation on the Number of Foreign Nationals. Residence regulations for non-EU member states are restrictive and residence permits are granted at the sole discretion of the authorities.

Only highly qualified or specialised management staff are eligible for a work permit. Moreover, Swiss employers who intend to employ a citizen from a non-EU/EFTA state need to prove to the authorities that no qualified person in Switzerland or in any of the EU/EFTA states can be found to perform the respective job. An exception is made with respect to employees being transferred within an international company.

Non-EU/EFTA nationals need to apply their work permit through the Office of Economy and Labour

Office of Economy and Labor
Aabachstrasse 5 6301 Zug
Tel. +41 41 728 55 20

Permits for nationals of EU/EFTA states
Immigration Office
Aabachstrasse 1
6301 Zug
Tel. +41 41 728 50 50

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