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Social Security

Social Security

Social security in Switzerland is based on a 3-pillar principle covering old age, death and invalidity. The basic state insurance (1st pillar) is supplemented by the obligatory occupational insurance (2nd pillar), and customized to individual needs by tax-privileged individual pension savings (3rd pillar).

Insurance Coverage                                                   Contributions

1st pillar: old age insurance:
minimal assurance of financial assistance
in old age and in cases of invalidity
AHV / IV    9.8% of salary paid half each
   by employer and employee
2nd pillar: occupational insurance:
Continuation after retirement of
accustomed standard of living.
BVG    Equal contributions by
   employer and employee.
3rd pillar: voluntary, individual
supplementary retirement savings
     Payable by the employee.

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or download the brochure Social Security in Switzerland

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