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State Schools

State Schools

Most children in Zug go to kindergarten for two years. One year is compulsory with an additional year offered by all municipalities on a voluntary basis. Children may attend kindergarten after their fifth, or at the latest, after their sixth birthday.

Elementary School (primary and secondary school)
Elementary education is compulsory for all children. They may attend a state or private school. Elementary school usually starts at the age of seven and lasts nine years. Elementary schools are divided into primary schools (years 1-6) and secondary schools (years 7-9). Secondary school is the last level before vocational training or academic high school (Gymnasium). In the Canton of Zug, however, there is also the possibility of attending an academic high school after the sixth year, depending on the individual pupil's performance.

Parents from abroad can find out more information about admission to schools from the
Department of Education
School Supervison Office
Tel. +41 41 728 31 51

Link to support service for schoolchildren (Day-Care)

Gymnasium (Academic Secondary or High School)
Some 20% of all pupils move directly after the 6th year, or after secondary school, to an "academic high school". Depending on this they then spend six or three years there. As a rule pupils are 19 years old by the time they leave.

A Swiss Gymnasium provides roughly the same standard of education as an English academic secondary school, but a higher level than that of the average American high school or two-year college. Study at a Gymnasium leads to the so-called Federal School Leaving Certificate («Eidgenössische Matura»), which is recognised by all universities in Switzerland and most universities abroad.

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