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Insurance System

Insurance System

Obligation to take out insurance: Every person resident in Switzerland must be insured by a recognised health insurance company providing basic sickness coverage in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG). The appropriate municipal office (Einwohnerkontrolle) will expect confirmation of your basic insurance cover within 3 months of arrival. Foreigners who work for less than 3 months in Switzerland do not have to be insured in the country if they are covered for treatment in Switzerland by an insurance policy of equal status.

In the case of citizens of the EU, Iceland and Norway, who work in Switzerland, members of their families not working but domiciled in an EU country, Iceland or Norway must also take out health insurance from a Swiss provider.

Regulations for cross-border commuters.

Benefits: Compulsory health insurance (basic sickness cover in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law) covers sickness, accident and maternity. However, in the case of an accident, the health insurance only becomes effective if there is no cover from any other (compulsory or private) insurance. It also takes over certain costs for preventive medicine. All providers of this basic insurance must undertake to cover the range of benefits as prescribed by law. They are not allowed to reimburse any further so-called "voluntary" benefits. If benefits not part of the compulsory insurance are provided or prescribed by a doctor or physiotherapist, then he is obliged to inform the patient accordingly.

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Providers: People are free to choose their insurer. Recognised insurers are obliged to insure all persons regardless of age and state of health unconditionally and without waiting periods. Complementary coverage can be purchased for those who want additional cover for spas, alternative medication, private or semi-private rooms, dental treatment and so on. Please ask your insurer for further details.

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Premiums and Subsidies: Health insurance companies increase premiums regardless of income. Low-income families can apply for financial assistance.

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