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Applying for a Flat
Generally anyone interested in renting a flat has to fill in an application form. You will be asked to provide information about your age, marital status, profession, employer and salary, etc.

Signing a Rental Contract
The landlord and tenant usually sign a written rental contract. In Zug the landlords generally use the “Zuger Mietvertrag” (a Zug cantonal tenancy agreement). The rental contract includes general conditions, which are part of the contract. The contract also includes information about the parties, the period of notice, the rent and ancillary costs.

Paying a Deposit
Tenants are expected to pay for a rent deposit to the amount of three months’ rent maximum, which in turn is to be deposited with a bank in a savings account.

Ancillary Costs
Some ancillary costs must be paid in addition to the monthly rent. These cover such things as central heating, water use, rubbish collection and other services. Typically they amount to 15% of the rent; should one use much more or much less, an additional payment or refund can be expected at the end of the year, when the meters are read.

Billag (Licence for Radio/TV Reception)
An application to Billag for a licence for TV and radio reception is compulsory. You can register online at:  - German/French/Italian

Terminating your Lease
In general, termination dates are only at the end of March, June and September, and it is customary to give three months' notice (some landlords require six months). The notice should be sent by registered mail. If you find another person willing to take over your lease, you may terminate your rental agreement prior to the termination date.

Exit and Handover when you Leave
The landlord and the tenant examine the condition of the apartment and record any defects or damage in a report (even those that are negligible). Together, the parties agree who is liable for any repair costs. It is important that the tenant understands everything that is decided. Your signature indicates that you agree to possible repair costs.

For more information you can contact:
(Tenants’ Association of the Canton of Zug)
Industriestrasse 22
6301 Zug
Tel. +41 41 710 00 88 - German

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