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Permit N (permit for asylum-seekers)
Asylum-seekers are persons who have applied for asylum in Switzerland and whose application is being processed. During the asylum pro-cedures, they are basically entitled to be resident in Switzerland. Under certain circumstances, they can be permitted to pursue gainful employment as an employee subject to Art. 43 of the Asylum Act. Read more... (

Permit F (provisionally admitted foreigners)
The cantonal authorities may grant provisionally admitted foreign nationals work permits for gainful employment irrespective of the situation on the labour market and in the economy in general. Read more... (

Procedure and Accomodation

If a foreign national seeks asylum in Switzerland, the Federal Immigration Office determines to which canton the asylum seeker is to be assigned. The Canton of Zug receives 1.5% of all asylum seekers requesting asylum in Switzerland. The Immigration Office issues their permit and determines their place of residence while their application for asylum is processed.

In Zug the Cantonal Office of Social Affairs is responsible for the accommodation and advising of asylum seekers and recognised refugees:

Kantonales Sozialamt
(Cantonal Office of Social Affairs)
Soziale Dienste Asyl
Neugasse 1
6301 Zug
Tel. +41 41 728 48 00

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