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Unemployment insurance provides benefits in the case of loss of employment, shortened working hours, lack of employment due to weather conditions and insolvency on the part of the employer. This insurance also pays for re-integration measures.

All persons in gainful employment are obliged to contribute to the unemployment insurance scheme with the exception of some family members of persons working in the agricultural sector and persons who have reached retirement age. The self-employed are not covered by unemployment insurance. Read more... (

Persons who lose their jobs are obliged, from the date on which they receive notice from their employers, to look for a new job. Before they apply for support, they have to be able to prove that they have made every effort to find a new job. At the latest on the first day following the end of the period of notice, the unemployed person must register himself with the employment office in the municipality in which he or she lives. He or she must hand in the AHV card, the employment contract, the letter of termination and the foreigner’s permit. Read more... (

Arbeitslosenkasse des Kantons Zug
(Unemployment Office of the Canton of Zug)
Industriestrasse 24
6301 Zug
Tel. +41 41 728 37 40
Fax +41 41 728 37 49 - German

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