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Public Transport

Public Transport

National Trains and Public Transport
The Swiss railway network is very dense and travel by train is easy, especially bearing in mind their reputation for punctuality. The Federal Railways (SBB) crisscross the country and connect to mountain railways, lake ferries and postal buses. All trains between Lucerne and Zurich stop in Zug, which makes travel to any Swiss location very fast and easy.

Regional Services
The Zug Transport Company (ZVB) provides the people of the city, the Canton of Zug and the surrounding areas with transport services. As a public transport service company, ZVB also forms part of a cooperative operating the Zugerberg Bahn funicular railway and the companies providing boat trips on Lake Zug and Lake Aegeri.

Stadtbahn (Suburban Railways)
With the start-up of the suburban railways in 2004, commuting in and out of Zug has become very efficient. Line number 1 runs at 15-minute intervals between Baar, Zug and Cham, and at 30-minute intervals further to Ebikon and Lucerne. Line 2 runs at 30-minute intervals from Baar Lindenpark via Zug and Oberwil to Walchwil, and at hourly intervals further to Arth-Goldau and Erstfeld.

Zugerbergbahn (Funicular Railway) (ZBB)
The Zugerbergbahn is the funicular railway which takes you to the top of the Zugerberg. In November 2009 the funicular was modernised and now offers a stunning panorama as you ride to the top of the mountain.

Lake Zug Ferries
The Zugersee Ferries are not only an enjoyable way of getting around the Canton of Zug but are also often used for functions, concerts and many other events.

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