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Regular Naturalisation
People who have been resident in Switzerland for twelve years – the years spent in this country between the completed 10th and 20th years are counted double for this purpose – may apply for naturalisation. The authorities examine whether applicants are integrated into the Swiss way of life, are familiar with Swiss customs and traditions and comply with the Swiss rule of law. Furthermore they must be able to prove they live ordered personal and family lives with sound finances and do not endanger Switzerland's internal or external security in any way. This examination is based on cantonal and municipal reports in particular.

Naturalisation proceeds in three stages. In effect, the federal naturalisation permit only constitutes the Confederation's "green light" for the acquisition of Swiss nationality. However, the cantons and municipalities have their own, residence requirements which applicants have to satisfy in addition. In the Canton of Zug, of the 12 years spent in Switzerland, 5 have to have been spent in the canton and 3 in the same municipality, with no periods of interruption.

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Facilitated Naturalisation
The decision to grant facilitated naturalisation is solely the responsibility of the Confederation. The canton in question is first given a hearing. Provided certain legal requirements are met, facilitated naturalisation particularly benefits those who are foreign spouses of Swiss nationals or children of one Swiss parent who do not yet hold Swiss nationality. Foreign spouses of Swiss nationals who have lived in Switzerland for a year may apply for facilitated naturalisation after three years of marriage, provided they have lived in Switzerland for a total of five years. People who have close ties with Switzerland may apply for facilitated naturalisation even if they are resident abroad. In such cases, however, they must have been married to a Swiss person for at least six years.

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Re-naturalisation can be obtained by people who have lost Swiss nationality (by forfeiture, marriage or release from Swiss nationality).

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