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Waste Disposal and Recycling System

Waste Disposal and Recycling System

Switzerland has one of the highest rates of waste recycling in the world. A 35-litre rubbish bag is expensive. This means that if you threw all your waste into it, you would be paying a considerable price for waste disposal.

However, only part of your waste really belongs in the refuse bag. «Recycling Zug» offers better and cheaper alternatives for the disposal of many materials at the collection centres in each municipality and also by means of special collections (for paper, cardboard packaging, vegetable waste etc). Kitchen and garden waste, etc., does not belong in the garbage bag; it is collected free of charge every week by the «Green Collection» (in green containers).

Please download the information leaflet on ZEBA.

Chargeable Rubbish Sack
You must use the official grey refuse bags to dispose of your household rubbish. The purchase price of these grey "Zuger Gemeinde" bag includes a charge that covers the waste disposal costs. They can be purchased in rolls of different sizes from the post office and from larger supermarkets (You may have to ask for them separately at the till). These sacks are then put into the large communal containers near homes or collected on a designated day.
Available sizes: 17l/35l/60l/110l

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