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Income and Wealth Tax

Income and Wealth Tax

Income Tax (Einkommenssteuer): The state, the cantons and the municipalities charge progressive rates of income tax, with the maximum amounting to 22% of taxable income.

Taxes are due for each calendar year. You fill in an annual tax return on which you may claim deductions such as for professional expenses, maintenance costs, support payments or payments to third-pillar pension funds (personal pension plans). An electronic version of the annual tax return form (eTax.zug) is available with step-by-step instructions, which makes the form easier to complete. There is a brief guide in English, too.

Wealth Tax (Vermögenssteuer) on total wealth and material assets is levied by cantons and municipalities; liabilities can be deducted from taxable assets. The wealth tax tariff is progressive, with the maximum rate amounting to around 3‰ of the taxable wealth.

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