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Information about schools in Hünenberg
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Schools are one of the central concerns of our community because good, modern schools are an indisputable part of a desirable, attractive residential and working environment. Consequently, our goal is to ensure and maintain a high level of schooling and to create a stimulating atmosphere for pupils and teachers alike. We have provided an additional broad range of facilities including the music school, the library, the Games Library, the playgroups, lunch club, the part-time nursery group (Teiki) or with the special classes for children whose mother tongue is not German.

Primary schools/kindergarten and co-operative higher levels
Lively schools in our lively community - forward-looking and quality-conscious!

The Hünenberg school community includes kindergartens/nursery schools, primary schools, school services and a cooperative higher level (secondary modern schools) involving altogether 130 teachers and 1100 pupils in 5 different school houses und 10 kindergartens.

The Hünenberg schools are headed by two principals, one heading the co-operative higher level and the other the kindergartens and primary schools. They are responsible for organisational and administrative matters as well as the teaching methods, at the same time as staff leadership and school development and layout. The School Commission oversees all the municipal schools.

A school secretarial team assists the Head of the schools Department and the principals in administrative and organisational matters.

Hünenberg school information circular

Twice a year, in January and June, the school information circular appears giving the Hünenberg community a multi-faceted insight into the lively everyday activities of the Hünenberg schools. The school information circulars are sent to all Hünenberg households but they can also be obtained from the School Secretary or the Municipal Administration.

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