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Dog Ownership



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Dog tax

The owners of dogs over the age of three months which are kept in the municipality of Hünenberg are subject to an annual dog tax.  This amounts to CHF 100.- for each dog and CHF 50.- for guard dogs on farms.

Police and army dogs, dogs for the visually-impaired as well as dogs with special training, those with a valid training record and proof of good behaviour in public are subject to article 5 of the municipal dog -keeping regulations dated 9 December 1996.

Dog-leash obligation

At  the municipal general meeting on 18 June 2007 it was decided to introduce a limited leash obligation. Accordingly, dogs must be kept on the leash in these circumstances:

  • in public places and on public ground
  • in nature reserves

During the vegetation period (April to October), dogs are not allowed on farmland.

Robidog (dog waste disposal containers)

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Further informations