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Resident Registration Office

Einwohnerkontrolle Hünenberg

Resident registration office

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The resident registration office is the first port of call for clients of the municipality of Hünenberg.  It keeps a register of all the people who are resident in Hünenberg and based on that, can draw up various documents and write confirmations.

Further tasks carried out by the registration office:

   °    Registering residents' moving in and out of the municipality and registering changes of address.

  • Issue of: Certificate of origin, Character reference, Confirmation of residence, Confirmation of legal capacity to act, Life certificate for payment of pensions etc.
  • Maintenance of the electoral register and verification of signatures for direct democracy initiatives and referenda.
  • Sales of day tickets for public transport (Tageskarten/GA Flexi))
  • Giving general information

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Municipality Hünenberg Phone +41 41 784 44 44