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A resident's view

Living in Hünenberg

Spotlight on Hünenberg

My home is in Hünenberg. Bounded by the waters of the Reuss, Lorze and Lake Zug, Hünenberg combines history stretching back to the Iron Age, through the Romans and Habsburgs with state-of-the -art infrastructure (first triple gym in canton Zug), pioneering energy projects (biomasse for public and private buildings) with beautiful countryside and friendly folk who greet you in the street.

I live within walking distance of all the usual facilities such as shops and banks, but also of a ruined castle, the site of a historical battle (Totenhalde, Christmas Eve 1388), woods, river and farm shops. Hünenberg is well-connected transport-wise, although the bus service needs to be extended.

Hünenberg is known locally as Chicken Hill, and its 8'700 citizens are extremely active in over 50 clubs and organisations. The largest and most prolific is KONTAKT Hünenberg, the local ‘women’s’ organisation, which is nonetheless open to men too. The 1,000 (!) members can engage in a myriad of cultural, educational, sports and ethical activities. Most people would agree that without this organisation, village life would collapse.

As with any of the plethora of clubs and organisations covering sports, culture, politics, neighbourhoods etc, you are assured of a warm welcome and with a large number of English speakers in the community, most likely someone will understand you. However, they are unlikely to come banging on your door (unless they are evangelical Christians and you can tell them a mile away as they always come in pairs), so go out and knock on their door or check out their websites. Details and contact addresses of clubs and organisations are readily available at the council offices or on the club list.

If you want to meet people and get involved in village life without committing yourself to a life sentence or hard labour, try out one of the clubs – you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For example, Hünenberg, home of the Unicorns, has the first baseball pitch that conforms to international standards.

Every November, the municipality invites newcomers to the Neuzuzügerabend where there is also a clubs' fair. In the meantime, introduce yourself to your neighbours, ask to accompany them to their favourite activity for a try-out or get in touch with the clubs directly. Hünenberg provides something for everyone.

As a long-standing, contented resident, I would be happy to answer your questions too.

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