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Real estate in Hünenberg
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Being close to work, schools and kindergartens as well as to public facilities contributes to the quality of residing and living here. The residential districts in Hünenberg are quiet and very accessible.

The village centre, created in recent years with its twisting lanes is really ideal for pedestrians and children. In the residential streets, children can play unhindered by motor traffic. There are zones of individual houses both in the village and in Kemmatten. The Chämleten residential development, with a view of the Lake of Zug, the town of Zug and the Zugerberg, was in 1996 awarded the «good construction» distinction. Down by the lake, there are also the residential areas of Dersbach and Seematt as well as the renovated beach and the Municipality of Hünenberg marina.

Look for available properties in the Official Zug Gazette «Zuger Amtsblatt».

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