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Places of Interest in Hünenberg

Things to see in Hünenberg
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Evidence of the past is to be found throughout the entire municipality. On the castle hill stand the ruins of the Knights of Hünenberg. According to the saga, in 1315, Heinrich of Hünenberg shot an arrow over the battlements with a message to warn the people of Schwyz and which read, "Beware Morgarten on St. Othmar's eve". The local countryside is dotted with small shrines. Across the Reuss, a covered wooden bridge from 1641 leads to the neighbouring municipality of Sins. The "Wart" Restaurant, which used to be the municipal community, council and schoolhouse, dates back to the 14th century. Today, this old house, in recent years restored at great expense, houses a well-known restaurant. Right next to the "Wart" is the recently restored Lindenplatz where, in the Middle Ages, young men from Hünenberg were trained in the art of war by Zug officers.

The jewel of the municipality of Hünenberg is the hamlet of St. Wolfgang with the Gothic church and its frescoes. The monstrance turret from 1486 is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Switzerland.
The recently renovated Rössli restaurant, which is also the near the church, is another gem that goes back to the Middle Ages.

Each year, many church weddings take place in St. Wolfgang's church and in the vineyard chapel in the village. Below the chapel lies the only vineyard of the municipality, which is where "Chäppeliwy" (Chapel wine) thrives as a Hünenberg rarity. A part of the vineyard belongs to the Hünenberg Residents' Association. It was replanted in 2000. Here, Hünenberg residents can help with the upkeep of the vineyard (from 2002) and with the grape harvest (from about 2003).

The Holy Ghost Catholic church (1975) is also worth seeing, as is the Protestant-Reformed Church community centre (1997) and the attractively laid-out village centre.

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