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Dairy farming

Dairy farming

65 Dairy Cows are kept on the farm in Chamau. Newly built in 2017, the dairy cattle shed is equipped with up- to- date technology. It is automatically milked, fed and de-mended.

General facts and information
At the age of 24 to 26 months the cow gives birth to the first calf. The cow produces milk for her calf from this point on. Some of the female animals are reared on the farm. These animals then become the future dairy cows of the farm. All calves, which do not serve for breeding, are resold in the calf or large livestock market. On average, one cow gets a calf a year and produces about 10 months of milk.

Daily routine of a cow

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Stable equipment on the estate Chamau
The freewheel stable is equipped with lying boxes, which are strewn with a straw-lime mixture. This procedure ensures optimum lying comfort. For the well-being of the cows, automatic scrub brushes are available. The entire stable is open to the outside, so there always is enough fresh air and light. For a good claw health a clean and grippy soil is important. Therefore, a column cleaning robot is in use on the Chamau estate.

Further informations

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