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Pig farming

Pig farming

General facts and information

Pork is the most popular meat in Switzerland. There are 1.5 million pigs throughout Switzerland. In addition to dairy farming and crop production, pig farming is the third most important business activity. A mother sow gives birth to a litter piglet 2.4 times a year. The nursing time lasts around 30 days. In Switzerland, the following two breeds are most common:

Edelschwein (ES)

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Swiss Landrace (SL)

Swiss Landrace (SL)
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Barn organization on the estate Chamau

The 77 mother pigs are kept in the Chamau in 10 groups. Every two weeks, a group of mother pigs give birth to their piglets. There are between 10 and 12 piglets per litter. During gestation, the sows are kept in a large group and each animal is individually fed with a feeding machine. Since pigs are very clean animals, it is important that different areas are available in the barn. So the pigs practically never defecate in the area where they lie.
Every year, a mother pig on our farm has an average of 25 piglets.


Further informations

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