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Social Assistance

Information about social assistance in Zug, Sozialhilfe in english.

Social welfare in the Canton of Zug covers both economic and individual help. It guarantees people who live in the canton with the minimum they need to exist. It can be called upon when there is no income or assets available, or not enough to secure a subsistence at a modest financial level. At the same time the person requesting support is to continue to strive for economic and personal independence and his or her social and professional integration.

Where to apply: Social welfare is provided by the individual municipalities except in the case of refugees without a permit to settle and asylum seekers. These should apply to the Asylum Social Services Department of the Cantonal Office of Social Services. Others seeking benefit can go directly to the Social Services Offices of their municipality and apply accordingly.

A-Z guide of all social institutions in the Canton of Zug can be found on - German


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