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Four-year course

Kantonsschule Menzingen KSM Kurzzeitgymnasium four-year course

Students transferring from the 2nd or 3rd secondary school classes take a four-year "Matura" course in the upper school at the KSM.
The ultimate educational goal of students at the KSM is to graduate with the "Matura" diploma, which is recognized throughout Switzerland and entitles graduates to study at any Swiss college or university, the federal institutes of technology in Zurich and Lausanne or at a teacher training college without sitting an entrance examination.
Universities of applied sciences may ask for additional practical training.

Overview of subjects and forms of teaching

General subjects
Learning is the most essential factor at any baccalaureate school. The basis of a Swiss Matura is a broad general knowledge, which is taught primarily through the general subjects.
The following general subjects are taught throughout the four-year course:
German, French, a third language (English, Latin or Italian), mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, history, introductory course in economics and law (2nd year), art or music (one or the other). Sport is mandatory and is part of the four-year curriculum.

Special-focus subjects
The choice of special-focus subject gives a sense of individuality to the four-year course at the KSM. Students have four lessons a week every year in their special subject.
Students may choose between mathematics and natural sciences, modern languages, economics and law, music or art.

Elective subjects
Students choose an elective subject which is taught four lessons each week in the 3rd and 4th year. The chosen subject either compliments the special-focus subject of the student or provides an opportunity to learn something completely different and so broaden the student's general educational profile. It can also provide a foundation for future studies.

The following subjects are on offer as electives:
Biology, chemistry and physics, history, education / psychology, philosophy and religion, sport, economics and law.

Bilingual Matura German / English
The KSM offers a comprehensive bilingual Matura course in German and English, French or Italian, which can be combined with any special-focus subject.

Interdisciplinary teaching
Interdisciplinary teaching plays a key role at the KSM, encouraging students to transfer and connect learning from different subjects, and it is an integral part of the curriculum in the following subjects: Latin, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, special study weeks, projects.

Communication and study skills
In addition, interdisciplinary topics and skills (personal assessment, core competences such as "information processing", "documentation", "presentation") as well as about 100 ICT modules are linked with the curriculum. The concept thus uses synergies between the different subjects and promotes various competences as well as personal and social skills.

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