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Bilingual matura

An opportunity for high achievers to be taught some subjects in English.

The Kantonsschule Zug offers two bilingual options to students:

The bilingual German-English stream is only available to high-achieving students who have chosen either Economics and Law, Physics and Applied Mathematics or Biology and Chemistry as their special-focus subject (SF) and wish to simultaneously further their ability in the English language as well. Lessons will take place in English for the entirety of the 4 years ie. from the 3rd to the 6th year of the Matura. The subjects that will be taught in English are the general subjects Biology, History, Economy and Law, Mathematics, and Media Studies. Additionally, the Matura Project will be written and presented in English. The lessons take place in specially formed immersion classes.

The bilingual German-French stream is geared towards all high-achieving students irrespective of their chosen main subject. This is made possible by the fact that all participants are taught in separate courses in the French language. For the general subjects History and Geography, the students in this stream will be taught in French in separate groups from their 4th year. In the second semester of the 4th year, the students will participate in an exchange with a Gymnasium in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Just as with the other bilingual stream where the Matura projects are written and presented in English, the Matura project in this stream will be written and presented in French.

Both streams are accepted and accredited by the SMK (Schweizerischen Maturitätskommission) and counts towards their final school qualification. Details of both bilingual Matura streams can be found in a written summary (German - Erlasse der Kantonsschule Zug) in chapter 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 on pages 34-37.

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