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Long term school

Students must take a number of mandatory subjects and complete other requirements for their final matura grades.

1st and 2nd Year (Lower Level)

During the first and second years, students must take the following courses: German, English, French,  Mathematics, Biology, Introduction to Science (Physics, Chemistry), Art, Music, Geography, History and Religion Studies.
In addition, the following courses are mandatory, but do not count toward promotion: Home Economics, Typing, Sports/Physical Education. Learning skills, team work and life skills are also explored.

3rd and 4th Year (Middle Level)

From the third year onwards, students choose their special-focus subject (SF) from the following: Latin, Italian, English, Spanish, Physics and Applied Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry, Economics and Law, Art or Music. All students have to take Art or Music as a general subject. In the third and fifth years Applied Arts is taught, in the third and fourth years Computer Science and, in the fourth year, Media Studies.

5th and 6th Year (Upper Level)

In the final two years, independence and individual responsibility are emphasized. In the beginning of the fifth year students undertake a required 3-week internship. Theme days provide students additional freedom and the opportunity to work independently.
During the course of the year students choose a topic for their independent project known as "Maturaarbeit" and determine their elective for the final year. Mandatory electives include: Religion, Philosophy, Biology, Music, Physical Education, Art, History, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Geography, Economics and Law, Psychology and Pedagogy.
By the end of the fifth year Arts or Music, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, as well as Economics and Law are completed as mandatory courses. The respective grades count toward the diploma requirements.
In the sixth year Art History (Art and Culture) is added to the mandatory curriculum and students complete their personal project by the end of the fall semester of the sixth year. The "Maturaarbeit" counts toward the diploma requirements.

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