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ICP, GL and ESD - Clarification based on a Competence Model

Study «Intercultural Pedagogy»,«Global Learning» and «Education for Sustainable Development». Clarification based on a Competence Model.

Optimization of the available synergy potential of educational concepts in subject specific didactics

«Global learning» (GL), «Intercultural Pedagogy» (ICP) and «Education for Sustainable Development» (ESD) are understood as separate concepts of education with an interdisciplinary perspective and individual competence models.

The aim of this research project is to contribute to the clarification of the interface between the three concepts on the basis of a competence model for teachers by means of an official basic document. All the modules share constructive discussion with their own and outside values, the ability to see matters from different perspectives, understanding the effect of stereotypes and prejudices, thinking about global, complex and dynamic connections and the topic migration. Furthermore, individual characteristics of the three concepts are ascertained. In ESD and GL, but not in ICP, a systematic, critical, innovative and forward thinking are explicitly required. On the other hand, ICP focuses stronger on the immediate interaction in daily school situations. Further deliberations result in a better utilisation of the available synergy potential and an increased aptitude to subject specific didactics at universities of teacher education.

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Marcus Büzberger
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Foundation education 21: Coordinator of Education for Sustainable Development in Switzerland