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Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching: A free service for staff and students at the University of Teacher Education Zug (PH Zug)

Speech Coaching: A free service for staff and students at the University of Teacher Education Zug (PH Zug)

Teachers are linguistic role models
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Teachers are linguistic role models

A hands-on consulting service on everything to do with developing a convincing stage presence as a public speaker as well as for maintaining a healthy voice

For an appointment please contact Judith Kreuz.

Do you want to make your voice heard? Do you strive to master the art of clear and concise explanations? Do you want to create exciting lessons by improving the range of your spoken expression? Then our speech coaching service is for you!

As linguistic role models, teachers must master oracy skills, which are key to successful communication and thus to successful learning. Indeed, teachers must be able to explain content clearly, tell stories convincingly, and read aloud persuasively. They are expected to present projects to colleagues, to lead discussions both in class and with parents, as well as to represent their schools in the public arena. These skills require practice, as well as the confidence gained from practice. Thus, our coaching sessions are individually tailored to develop a range of oracy skills, in order to prepare teachers for a wide variety of communicative situations.

The Centre for Oral Communication (ZM) therefore offers University of Teacher Education Zug (PH Zug) students free professional coaching by a trained linguist and speech scientist. In addition, interested students can participate in a peer-coaching programme to mentor fellow students.

Coaching topics include: Public speaking, projection, posture, fluency, voice hygiene and voice maintenance, breathing, rhetoric, the art of conversation, presenting, pronunciation (in standard German), convincing body language, as well as other oracy skills.

Target groups: PH Zug students and staff

Appointments: on request

Costs: The consultation is free of charge for PH Zug students, as it is financed by the PH Zug.

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Judith Kreuz
Lecturer PH Zug
Dr. des. Sprachwissenschaft / M.A. Sprechwissenschaft
+41 41 727 12 90

Student coaches

Salvatore Greco

Patrick Grob