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History of the municipality of Hünenberg
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Prehistoric times
The first traces of human settlements in our community go back to the Neolithic era. Excavations at the Hünenberg bathing beach uncovered two Neolithic lakeside settlements from between the 32nd and the 30th century B.C.

Early Middle Ages
In 1887, Alemannic findings (glass-bead necklaces, axes, spearheads, etc.) were unearthed in a graveyard at Hof Marlachen. The name Hünenberg, which goes back to the old German short name of Huno (Huno's mountain), must first have been used during this early medieval time.


Do you want to find out more about the interesting history of Hünenberg? Then read the book "Hünenberg - History and Stories of a Zug Community" by Anne-Marie Setz-Frey, Ueli Ess and Klaus Meyer, published by the Hünenberg Citizens' Council (expanded reprint 1998). The book (German only) can be obtained for CHF 30.- from the Residents' Registration Office or can be ordered by calling +41 41 784 44 44.

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