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2015 - 2019


The tenth anniversary of the partnership between Hünenberg and Banska Stiavnica was celebrated with a joint concert on 6 Januar to a packed audience in the Heinrich von Hünenberg hall.

The president of the association Partnership Banska Stiavica, Richard Aeschlimann, was presented with a community award for his commitment to the twin town project on 9 January. On the same evening, the community sponsorship prize was awarded to music teacher Stephanie Murer-Jakob and to the young band members of 'Forever'.

On 9 May, the canvas roof over the small area next to the Council offices was officially opened. This forms part of the redevelopment of the village centre.

The Whit weekend (22-24 May) saw the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Church of the Holy Ghost.

A secondary school class from the twin town Banska Stiavnica stayed in Hünenberg from 7-13 June. At the beginning of July, a delegation of councillors and citizens from Hünenberg visited the partner town at the invitation of the mayor.

At the end of August, agreement was finally reached to house asylum seekers in private accommodation in the Zollweid.

The first school exchange with the twin town of Marly FR took place at the end of October. Four second-year secondary classes from each town attended school in the partner town during the two-week autumn holidays. A third week in March 2016 rounded off the project, for which the students who had successfully completed it were given a certificate.

In October, two ponds were established in the nature reserve area in the Langholz woods.

Beat Gertsch resigned his position as Councillor on 25 October after over two years' service on the Council.

On 29 November, the Hünenberg Church Choir and Marly's Ensemble Vocal Animato joined forces to celebrate Advent in concerts in both towns.

The projects for the redevelopment of the Hünenberg town centre were presented to the public on 2 December in the foyer of the Heinrich hall. The winning project is by the Lucerne architects Röösli and Mäder.

On 12 December the ZVB bus number 44 ran for the last time between Zythus and Sonnhalde. The test was terminated ahead of time for budgeting reasons.

On 8 January, various athletes and sports teams were honoured by the Council.  The incentive prizes went to Reto Benz, initiator of the Zug Trophy and to Joel Mathys, who won the bronze medal at the Swiss IT Olympia.
Thomas Andermatt, CVP, replaced Beat Gersch in the Council in an uncontested election after other candidates had withdrawn.

On 13 April, heavy smoke resulting from a technical fault in the cellar of the Matten school house was quickly dealt with by the local fire fighters. However, the damage caused by the smoke meant that the children had to begin their spring holidays two days early to allow for extra cleaning in their school house.

The Zug cantonal Schwingfest (Swiss Wrestling) took place on 24 April on the grounds of the Kemmatten and Eichmatt schools. Despite the cold, inclement weather, which brought rain and snow, 3000 spectators enjoyed the exciting competitions.

As part of the project 'Schweiz bewegt' (Switzerland in motion), a sporting duel took place between the village centre inhabitants (Hünenberg Dorf) and the lakeside ones (Hünenberg See) on 20-27 May, organised by Verein HüPlus.  Hünenberg See won the contest with 2351 hours in motion versus 2206 hours, which meant that Hünenberg citizens clocked up a total of 4557 hours of sport during this week, about half an hour per person.

On 4 June, the Council carried out a round of talks with young adults with the aim of finding out how teenagers and young people in Hünenberg could become interested in politics.

After a construction period of slightly over two years, the new secondary school Ehret B was ceremoniously inaugurated.

The U15 European Baseball B Championships were held from 17-23 July on the grounds of Rony school.  Five nations took part: Belarus, Great Britain, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. Unfortunately, Switzerland failed to qualify for promotion to the A group. It was the first time this European Championship had been held in Switzerland.

Two years after the first show in 2014, the people of Hünenberg were invited to another art exhibition 'Parkzeit', from 25 August to 2 October, in the Langrüti park, where 5 artists presented sculptures, films and installations.

On 22 September about 120 members of the Hünenberg population took part in a workshop in the Kemmatten multi-purpose room as part of the series of talks with the Council.This time the topic was the development of the area in the Zythus which belongs to the canton of Zug and will be developed in coming years. The public was thus given the opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns.

The 20th 'Broggemärt', the market on the wooden bridge over the Reuss and in the hamlet Zollweid was held on 24 September.

On 25 September the people of Hünenberg voted to adopt the first municipal code or set of bye-laws for their community by a large majority.

The Hünenberg men's gymnastic organisation, Männersport Hünenberg, celebrated their 50th anniversary and one of the events chosen to mark this occasion was a Hünenberg day for young and old on 23 October. A delegation from the twin town Marly was invited and initiated into the traditional sport of 'Chugelitrööle', a sort of long-distance outdoor bowling. At the end of May, the club had already invited the Veterans of the Swiss Sports Union to a meeting in Hünenberg, in which 160 people from all over Switzerland took part.

The local Carnival organisation 'Eiche Zunft' was responsible for a further cultural highlight: the fairy tale about the Eiche Zunft Carnival mascot, the Eichefrässer, or wild boar, was to be filmed under the title 'Dräcksou' (filthy swine). The accompanying film music, a mixture of classical and carnival music, was premiered by the Zug city orchestra and a carnival band in the Heinrich von Hünenberg hall. The film premiere will take place in 2017.

On 6 January the Municipal Council honoured individuals and institutions whose commitment to the community during 2016 or whose success in sports earned recognition. The Sponsorship Prize was awarded to the Hünenberg percussionist Beat Föllmi. The Appreciation Prize went to the local business association, Gewerbeverein Hünenberg, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. 

On 26 January a three-year project called ‘Hello Neighbour’ was launched publicly. The aim of the project is to promote contact within the community.  The Council wants to encourage residents to get to know their neighbours, to raise awareness of the importance of neighbourly contact and mutual help. 

On 28 January, in cooperation with the EGH electricity company, the first E-pump in Hünenberg was installed. 

On 13 May the newly designed square devoted to the twin towns project was officially opened by the President of the municipality, Regula Hürlimann, in the presence of delegations from Hünenberg’s twin towns Banska Stiavnica (Slovakia) and Marly FR. Ms Andrea Elschekova Matikowa, Ambassador of Slovakia in Switzerland, was also present. The wooden sculpture crafted by Hünenberg teacher Martin Tiziani from a tree trunk was much admired. The celebrations reached a climax with the unveiling of signposts to Marly and Banska Stiavnica. 

On 22 June, as part of the EV Zug’s 50-year jubilee celebrations, the ice hockey team gave a public training session.  Approximately 350 Hünenberg citizens took part and demonstrated their close bonds with the jubilant club. 

On 24 September the community voted 75% in favour of the controversial building project ‘Maihölzli’ as well as a partial revision of the Zoning Plan and the building regulations. 

On 28 October, the Council invited the population to a workshop regarding restructuration and improvements to the Chamerstrasse. About 40 people attended and took part in a lively discussion, whose input will be taken into consideration in future planning. 

On 21 November, the Department for the Preservation of Historic Monuments and Archaeology presented its revised list of buildings worthy of protection in Hünenberg. Newly added were Matten school building (1933); Ehret A school building (1953); the fire station in Stadelmatt built in 1904 and the wayside cross in Matten. The inventory lists a total of 77 protected buildings. 

On 13 December the Hünenberg schools were awarded the Swiss School prize 2017  in Berne in recognition of the successful implementation of the change management process in connection with the introduction of mixed-age teaching. 

On 5 January the Municipal Council honoured individuals and institutions whose commitment to the community during 2017 or whose success in sports earned recognition. The Sponsorship Prize was awarded to the SSF Bluesband led by Arthur Ulrich. The Appreciation Prize was given to Beda and Margrit Boos for their manifold voluntary activities within the community. 

On 9 March, the first Catholic parish priest in Hünenberg, Markus Fischer, died at the age of 80. From 1975-2004 he served as parish priest and 1992-2012 he was also Canon of Canton Zug. 

On 5 May the public was invited to take part in a discussion concerning the development of the Zythus-Areal, a piece of land belonging to Canton Zug.  More than 120 people gathered that Saturday morning in the Kemmatten multi-purpose hall to discuss the various feasibility studies presented.

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, the Hünenberg Brass Band kitted itself out in a new uniform, which was ceremoniously displayed on 30 May at the Holy Ghost church. On 2 and 3 June, the brass band invited other brass musicians to a music festival under the motto ‘Something’s going on here’. 

On 23 September, the voters approved by almost 80% a sum of CHF 18.35 million for the renovation and extension of the Rony schoolhouse. Work is due to begin in spring 2019. 

7 October saw the eagerly-awaited elections in the municipality and canton.  Council members President Regula Hürlimann and councillors Katy Hofer and Ueli Wirth stepped down. The former Vice-President, Renate Huwyler (CVP) was elected President. Thomas Anderegg (CVP) was re-elected councillor by Hünenberg voters and newly elected were Claudia Benninger Brun (FDP), Daniel Gygli (FDP) and Hubert Schuler (SP). Thus, the political make-up of the Council remains the same. 

On 3 April, the business association ZUGWEST, to which Cham, Risch and Hünenberg belong, celebrated 10 years of existence. The building on Chamerstrasse 11, which houses the Council offices, celebrated 40 years since it was built. To mark this occasion, the owners of the building invited the public to celebrate.  During the school year 2019/20, the Hünenberg Music School can celebrate its 50-year anniversary. 

On 25 May a bicycle tour of Hünenberg took place for the first time. During the tour, the five members of the Municipal Council took the opportunity to present to the approximately 40 participants the communal pieces of land, important buildings and landscape of the municipality.

On Swiss National Day, 1 August , the young Swiss wrestler Michael Weibel made the traditional speech. Furthermore, the Hünenberg Male Choir was awarded the newly-created appreciation prize ‘Hünenberg Unicorn’, created by the sculptor Maite Guisande Lopez, in recognition of its 100-year long contribution to Hünenberg culture.

The first Food Festival held in Bösch on 6 September showed how the industrial zone could be livened up. The event proved popular and was organized by the newly-founded organization Zukunft Bösch. 

The three-year project ‘Hello Neighbour!’ was completed in 2019. Neighbourly relations in Hünenberg are mostly intact and there was no reason to suppose that further coordination and support were necessary.

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