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Six-year course

Kantonsschule Menzingen KSM Langzeitgymnasium six-year course

The six-year course of the Kantonsschule Menzingen is the most direct route to the "Matura" (baccalaureate) diploma and so to higher education. The ultimate goal of students at the KSM is to graduate with the "Matura" diploma, which is recognized throughout Switzerland and entitles graduates to study at any Swiss college or university, the federal institutes of technology in Zurich and Lausanne or at a teacher training college without sitting an entrance examination.

After finishing their primary school education, students complete two years in the lower school. The various subjects are taught by specialist teachers and the students' proficiency in many different skills is developed and encouraged. They learn techniques and methods that allow them to work independently and they take part in team projects that strengthen their confidence in themselves and in others.

The students then move on to the upper school, where they spend four years deepening their knowledge and preparing for the "Matura" and higher education.

Please see "Four-year course" for further information regarding the upper school.

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