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«Studying abroad, stretching boundaries, teaching diversity»

Course for incoming and outgoing students study abroad course to reflect on experiences for a study abroad semester with the goal to gain insight in another reality and being able to tranform this experiences for own teaching

Module for Incoming and Outgoing Students - Learning from experiences abroad, for professional ways of dealing with migration-related diversity

Literatur to the topic "Interculturality".
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Students who spend part of their teacher education abroad, usually encounter different living conditions, lifestyles or world views in an intensified way. These experiences have a great learning potential for the challenges of dealing with diversity. They can considerably contribute to future teachers finding an acknowledging and situation-adequate way of managing migration-related diversity in their teaching practice.

However, studies have shown that students need to consciously reflect on such experiences in order to develop professional attitudes and in order to transfer the insights into their teaching practice. For this reason, mobility students at the University of Teacher Education Zug – outgoing as well as incoming students – are accompanied in the frame of a module that has been specifically developed for this purpose.

Within this module, the students learn to observe themselves in their reaction when they encounter situations or people who seem unfamiliar to them, which reveals their own familiar patterns and worldviews. They also enhance their knowledge on the social reproduction of inequalities, and they learn to transfer professionalised attitudes into their teaching practice.

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