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Student exchange and professional cooperation with partner University Kadri Zeka, Kosovo

Student exchange and professional cooperation with partner University Kadri Zeka, Kosovo

Changing perspectives through experiences in a different context

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The University of Teacher Education Zug has established partnerships with education universities all over the world to offer its students and staff manifold opportunities for professional exchange and collaborative learning. These learning opportunities are especially encouraged in contexts of migration and globalization where student teachers can further develop competencies which benefit them later on in engaging constructively with migration-based diversity in a Swiss school setting.

A partnership in Kosovo

In early 2018, the University of Teacher Education Zug and the Kadri Zeka University in Gjilan established their partnership. This partnership resulted from a cooperation project aimed at building an Albanian-Swiss network «Netzwerk Erst-, Zweit-, Interkultur (NEZI) – Netzwerk albanischer Sprachraum» where representatives from the two universities first met. The cooperation is interesting for the University of Teacher Education Zug for many reasons, one reason being the fact that many children in Swiss schools have roots in Kosovo.

IZB is responsible to maintain the partnership, organizes the student exchange and coordinates the professional discourse among the academic staff of both institutions. Mutual visits had been proven important to get to know and understand the two institutions and their unique context.

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Insights into “Blackbox Balkan” and “Blackbox Switzerland”

In the fall of 2019, the study trip named “Blackbox Balkan” for students from Zug to Kosovo was successfully conducted for the fifth time. The goal of the study trip was to provide insights into Kosovarian schools and everyday life of people in Kosovo for the Swiss students. IZB conducted mandatory preparation and follow-up meetings for the students to enrich their knowledge on migration, to reflect on their concepts of normality and its implication for their own teaching.

During the study trip the students visited schools and worked with the students from Kosovo in multicultural teams on an educational topic of their choice. The future teachers were accommodated in families of their fellow students.

In December 2019, students from Kosovo visited the University of Teacher Education for the first time, launching the first “Blackbox Switzerland”. The students from Zug accommodated their buddies from Kosovo and accompanied them during a week through everyday life of people in Switzerland. An important goal of the partnership was achieved with this exchange programme: students from both universities had the chance to experience a different reality and enrich their perspectives. The programme will be continued.

Academic exchange

The PH Zug (represented by IZB) and the University of Gjilan are connected via professional exchange within the cooperative project "Learning Cultures in Universities" (LECU) of the PH Zurich. The project focuses geographically on the exchange between universities in Switzerland, Albania and Kosovo. The main focus is didactics of higher education and its implementation in different contexts.

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