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Native speakers


Catering for fluent and native speakers in English primary classes

Native speaking pupils
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Fluent and native speakers soon lose their motivation for English if they always have to do the same things as their classmates or help them. Most of them want to be challenged at their level as well. That's why we are producing ready-made material with which teachers can cater for their needs.

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The English Mentorat of the Stadtschulen Zug

The Stadtschulen Zug has been offering already for several years an English Mentorat for fluent and native speakers:

Books for native speakers according to grade

Recommendations of Elizabeth Meeks, the librarian of the International School of Zug and Lucerne in Walterswil:

Favourite books native speakers 3rd grade

Favourite books native speakers 4th grade

Favourite books native speakers 5th grade

More books !

Further books recommended by Elizabeth Meeks, the librarian of ISZL Walterswil

If you like.....

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Percy Jackson
The Hunger Games
Fantasy Books
Adventure Books
Mystery Books
Scary Books

Booklets for fluent and native speakers PH Zug

Students of the PH Zug have produced booklets for fluent and native speakers. If you use them in your classes, please send us some feedback to so that we can take this into account for future editions. Thank you!.

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